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NiftyFlip.com is a platform dedicated to connecting talented athletes with charitable ‎organizations, potential sponsors, and employers.‎

If you’ve got some talent, NiftyFlip.com can help you become a hero and maybe a champion‏.‏‎ The sky is the limit!‎

To become a hero, all you have to do is use your talent for a good cause. For example, you can ‎volunteer to help disadvantaged people enjoy extreme sports. You can either teach them ‎some skills or you can simply perform an awesome show during a fun-day or any other event ‎for charity.‎
This will give you the opportunity to gain significant exposure, to be admired by a lot of new fans, ‎‎and to be proud of yourself, especially when you perform at a large event that’s covered by ‎the media.

You’ll also have the opportunity to make new friends who share the same passion ‎as you. Moreover, we’ll introduce you to potential sponsors and employers who are looking ‎for talented athletes.‎

By the way, volunteering is a major step toward fame and success!‎
Often, when you volunteer, you’ll receive certificates of recognition and shields of ‎appreciation, which will enrich your CV and boost your career as a professional athlete.‎

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